Historical Pictures

The section offers a selection of historical images on the history of refugee camps in Italy.

All images come from the digital archive of the Museum CRP of Padriciano.

The repertoire of historical photos on the refugees camps in Italy is constantly updated due to donations of pictures, documents and evidences from the public.
Anyone wishing to donate copies of images or documents to the Museum CRP, may contact us at crp.padriciano@unioneistriani.it or archivio@unioneistriani.it or contact the Secretariat on +39.040.636098.



Padriciano in 1956, 1960 (Almerigogna files)

The photographic "Georgio Almerigogna" archive of the Museum CRP Padriciano consists of twenty shots played in Padriciano refugee camp during the cold winter of 1956 and thereafter in the early sixties.

Particularly relevant are the photographic evidence of the wooden barracks.

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C.R.P. Padriciano (Trieste)

Refugees Camp in Brescia, 1949

The faces of a tragedy


Refugees Camp in San Sabba (Trieste)

Photos courtesy of "Ricrodando Cittanova" magazine (March 2010)


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